Breathing Techniques for Singing

Breathing Techniques for Singing

Learning how to breathe well for singing is very important because, without it, you will not be able to support a high ranged and powerful singing. If you wish to know how to sing difficult materials without losing it out, learning some breathing techniques is a must. In fact, proper breathing is an important foundation that you need to master before you can move beyond beginners level. Here are some breathing techniques for singing that can help you improve your voice abilities

The slow air leak technique

To carry out this technique, you need to ensure that your lungs are full with air. The best way is to breathe using your diaphragm while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Once your lungs are full, slowly release the air. Do this by creating a small hole between your teeth. The aim of this technique is to release a little air while keeping the steam of air steady. This technique will train your muscles and your diaphragm to control your breathing while maintaining constant tension.

Maintain a good posture

When breathing, the way you move or stand often make a huge difference. If you are immobile you will hinder your breathing but if you relax or move a little while singing you will breathe more naturally. Try standing with your feet apart or a little less with your arms clasped. You may also tilt your chin a little so that you do not strangle your breathing.

Open up your mouth

Interestingly, a few singers usually open their mouths while singing. Since your lips are flexible, make sure you open your mouth wide enough when breathing and singing. You also need to open up your throat to allow the air to move in and out with ease. Do not close it up or else you will choke your notes and interfere with your breathing.

Lie down and relax

The key to breathing properly is to relax. Once you have assumed the correct posture, just relax. The faster you learn how to relax well the better you will realize that your breathing is improving. When lying down it might take you 5 to 10 minutes to start feeling air flowing in and your breathing getting deeper, slower, and more relaxed. Gently slow down your breathing in and out.

Final words

Well, those are some of the best breathing techniques for singing. Remember that breathing properly is not a support but rather another skill that needs to be mastered and integrated into your singing. Thankfully, breathing is not complicated and with some little practice you will master it within no time.